Established in Australia in 1938, JA Davey Pty Ltd remains a family owned and operated company, the official supplier and exclusive agents of many well-known brands including LifeStraw ,Omron Healthcare, TensCare, Heart Sure, BodiSure, Otifleks, J’aderma Skin Care, DermaSure Outback, Welcare range, Hotteeze, Dreamlight and Quantum fitness and audio products in Australia.

We have a large range of items for all of your healthcare needs including; Blood Pressure Monitors, Massagers, Pelvic Floor Exercisers, Earplugs, Thermometers, Pulse Oximeters, TENS Devices, Pedometers, Bedwetting Alarms, Skin Care, Heat Pads, Sleep Masks, Earphones, Health Trackers and Water Filtration products.

JA Davey Pty Ltd has offices throughout Australia. Our Head Office is located in Port Melbourne.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.


LifeStraw is on a mission to redefine the safe drinking water space through technology, innovation, product quality, and design. Working with governments, donors, and individual consumers, like yourself, to understand the need for safer water.

LifeStraw believes everyone deserves safe drinking water. Our intent to meet this basic human need is what drives LifeStraw to build better products.