Which LifeStraw is best? That’s like asking a parent who their favourite child is.

Quite simply, the best LifeStraw is the one that fits your needs at the time.

For example, it will depend on whether the LifeStraw is for personal use or to share with others. It also depends on what you’re trying to remove from the water.

The original LifeStraw Personal Water Filter is great for outdoor use when you need something extremely light (46g) and you know you’ll have access to water supply such as a river or stream, but you’re looking to filter out Bacteria, Parasites and Microplastics. It will also remove Turbidity caused by suspended dirt.

But if you want to carry around a ‘traditional’ drink bottle that you can fill as required and that also filters out Chlorine and will improve the taste of the water, then a LifeStraw Go or LifeStraw Universal will do the job for you.

On the other hand, there’s the LifeStraw Flex. As the name suggests, this is a flexible bottle – in more ways than one.

Firstly, it’s versatile in the way it can be used. In fact, you can put it to use in five different ways: as a personal straw filter, with the included squeeze bottle, with a gravity bag, as an in-line filter with most hydration packs or attached to most disposable water bottles.

Secondly, the LifeStraw Flex is also flexible enough to be squeezed so it collapses to save space when empty.

That’s not all. If you’re worried about heavy metal contamination in the water supply, the LifeStraw Flex will remove Mercury, Lead, Chromium, Cadmium, and Copper.

The LifeStraw Go 2 Stage Bottle is also handy for those outdoor adventures. It comes in multiple great colours so that each family member knows whose bottle belongs to who. And it has a carabiner to attached to clothing or a bag. It’s dishwasher safe when you’re back in the great indoors (just removed the filter before it goes in), and it removes nasty bacteria, parasites, microplastics and turbidity, as well as improving taste thanks to the carbon filter.

Where a high volume of water is required, the LifeStraw Mission is a great choice. It comes in 5 litre or 12 litre capacity and filters up to 12 litres of water per hour, making it great for groups. Just hang it from virtually anywhere and let gravity do the work. It will provide up to 18,000 litres of safe water.

Whatever your needs, there’s probably a perfect LifeStraw for you. But it doesn’t just keep you safe – the LifeStraw Give Back Program means that one purchase of any LifeStraw product provides a year of safe water to a child in need in developing countries. So every LifeStraw product is good and does good.